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Attract love, prosperity, and well-being with

custom-made crystal grid kits from Mount Shasta

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5D Crystal Grids, Crystals and 5D Healing Sessions

Welcome to 5D!

Divine superintelligence created this Universe, the Galaxy, the Solar System, this Earth Planet, and our human bodies following the same Crystalline Grid pattern. By tuning our awareness and working with the light energy and frequencies we're able to anchor any intention into the field by using 5 simple practices or daily rituals. 

Oksana is a Certified Energyworker, Massage Therapist, and Ascension Guide to help you connect to your Divine Self, and Your Soul Origin and accelerate your spiritual evolution to anchor 5D into your life.

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"We're the acupuncture needles of light to anchor 5D into Earth's grid by opening our Hearts to Divine Love.

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